New Hampshire Natural Health Clinic is committed to offering the best in integrative health care. As licensed naturopathic doctors and dietitians our primary goal is to treat the rudimentary cause of disease and emphasize preventative medicine.  We are dedicated to treating each person individually and believe this commitment separates us from other health care fields. 


icebergLike the mass of an iceberg, most causes of disease lie beneath the surface. We do not simply focus on alleviating symptoms but instead search for the root causes. We believe the body has an innate ability to repair itself if provided the proper environment.

  • Optimal health is not just the absence of illness we pride ourselves in providing care, education and coaching to help you obtain your ultimate potential of physical, mental and emotional health.
  • We believe prevention of illness is a direct result of assisting and strengthening your body’s immune system to resist and overcome disease.
  • We strive to diagnose any underlying causes of illness with a primary focus on restoring optimal health.

We are conveniently located in Bedford, NH only 8 miles from Manchester Airport. Our clinic specializes in naturopathic medicine, lifestyle and nutritional counseling and offers a number of services to optimize your health.